psvrreview.com is a website focused on everything revolving around Sony’s Virtual Reality headset, the PlayStation VR, or PSVR for short. Ever since the PSVR was released the author of this site Will, has been obsessed with the headset and the medium of Virtual Reality in general!

Will has created over 150 reviews on PSVR applications and games through his YouTube channel ThatGuyIsWill VR and has expanded to creating this website to share his love of PSVR. Here you can expect to see not only reviews for everything on PSVR, but also articles discussing the PSVR and what relates to it!

PSVR Review is a proud partner of VRgamecritic, the ultimate VR website that gathers reviews for every new VR game and experience, and provides a general score for them!

This partnership simply means you can find my reviews along with everyone else in the VR scene on their site, and that the scores I give will be tallied towards the general score of each game and experience!

While we often work with developers and publishers for reviews and discussions, in no way are the opinions on this site purchased or persuaded by who we work with. This is part of Will’s goal to stay 100% honest and trustworthy through the content shared, and he hopes to earn that with each article and review that releases.